November 13, 2020

AgileCadence: Re-locating to Inverness Campus for a Healthier and Happier Workforce

Picture Credit : Paul Tomkins / VisitScotland

With stunning highland surroundings, a skilled workforce and great connectivity, Inverness has been described as “a magnet for progressive industries and innovative new businesses” (Invest Inverness, 2019). The Scottish city prides itself on offering a forward-looking location where all kinds of enterprises can succeed in tough national and international markets. Furthermore, it’s a great place to live.

AgileCadence is one of the UK’s leading providers of tailored, business focused solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX users, looking at performance, managed services, cloud services and DevOps. When the company decided it was time to expand, strong connectivity and the potential to grow were essential requirements for their new location. Committed to growing an internationally renowned business in Scotland, AgileCadence chose to make the Inverness Campus its new home. Discussing why this was the perfect location, founder James Brentley explained:

“Scotland is an excellent base for a growing tech business. We work closely with businesses all over Europe, with a team spread from Scotland to New Zealand. The Inverness office is part of our measured growth strategy. As our customer base continues to expand and we recruit new talent, it’s the ideal time to establish a stronger presence in the area.

Well-connected to the rest of the country via local transport and with daily flights from Inverness Airport to London, Europe and several other locations in the UK and Ireland, Inverness provides the perfect means of transport to satisfy AgileCadence’s collaborative framework for growth. However, whilst accessibility was a highly important factor in the company’s move, a happy and healthy workplace was an equally important determining factor for its chosen location.

Health and lifestyle choice are topics that the world is learning more about daily. With this, more and more businesses are making a conscious effort to ensure that they fully support their staff and provide a comfortable, positive environment for workers where possible. Taking this into consideration, with its breath-taking scenery and great quality of life, Inverness was the perfect location for AgileCadence to build a healthy and happy team.

Solasta House, Inverness Campus

Since taking up residence in Inverness Campus’ all-new business development, Solasta House, earlier this year, AgileCadence has seen a positive difference in its work environment and staff attitude. The company offers ongoing support and encouragement to workers, with daily catch ups, weekly down time and a real push towards regular exercise. With scenic trail paths around Inverness Campus and most workers living within close proximity, bike storage and shower facilities are readily available for all who need them in support of this. Talking about the importance of having an active working environment, AgileCadence explained:

We are very aware of the benefits of exercise for both our physical and mental health. We also know that many of our team have young families combined with heavy workloads, which can make it difficult to prioritise exercise. That’s why we make exercise part of our company culture. We plan walking meetings, we schedule lunchtime runs and we enter team events to help everyone’s motivation.

Hearing AgileCadence’s story, it quickly becomes clear that whilst Inverness boasts wonderfully skilled workers, great connections and a drive for innovation, its unique offering when it comes to investing is the outstanding lifestyle advantages that can be achieved here. A company move to Inverness is a choice to create a life-changing workplace for your team.