Innovating with data across the public sector – a scottish cities perspective

April 1, 2020

The ‘Scotland’s 8th City: The Smart City’ ERDF Strategic Intervention is an ambitious programme of collaborative innovation across Scotland’s seven cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth, and Stirling.

By working together cities have a vision to become more attractive, liveable and resilient through use of data and digital technology. The programme aims to expand smart city capabilities and deliver priorities through community engagement, integrated service delivery and innovation. With this in mind, the programme is working to:

a. Use new technologies and data to improve sustainability, resilience and service efficiency across Scottish cities

b. Deliver priorities through innovation, integration of service delivery and improved community engagement

c. Address urban challenges, including issues (e.g. air quality, energy use in buildings, transport, light and waste)

d. Develop data platforms for ‘data driven’ solutions to respond to specific challenges facing Scottish cities

Collaboration is key for its success, with all cities working to develop projects which are open, interoperable, scalable and replicable. Partners also commit to sharing of learning, experiences and assets.

The 8th City programme is supported by ERDF of £20.4m enhanced by cities match funding (including the Scottish Cities Alliance ‘Cities Investment Fund’) of £28.1m to create a £48.5m portfolio of smart city projects.

Data is at the heart of the 8th City programme and various use cases were recently highlighted at a DataFest 2020 fringe event. Most of the projects shared below are directly funded via the ERDF programme, whilst a couple are linked to, or inspired by, other data projects. More information can be found on these projects by clicking the links below.

Aberdeen: Intelligent Street Lighting

Dundee: Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory

Edinburgh: Festival Mobility

Glasgow: Child Poverty

Inverness/The Highland Council: Smart Waste Collection

Perth: High Street Insights

Stirling: Smart Energy

For more information please contact Doug Young, Data Cluster Project Manager.

Phone: 01382 434 602