Aberdeen: Harbour South

Key Sectors: Industrial and manufacturing


Aberdeen Harbour’s South Harbour development will transform the marine support capacity of Aberdeen. The £350 million project will enable significant upscaling and growth opportunities for customers and new markets. South Harbour is the largest marine infrastructure project currently underway in the UK and is a development of national significance. Once complete, the combined Aberdeen Harbour will be Scotland’s largest port, in terms of berthage.

Aberdeen Harbour was established in 1136 and is Britain’s oldest existing business. Today it is the premier marine support centre for the subsea engineering sector and offshore energy industry, and is the main commercial port serving the North East of Scotland.

Recent decades have seen more than £200 million in investment in existing facilities and the Trust Port’s latest development is a single investment of £350 million.

South Harbour will revolutionise the port’s capacity and will allow vessels of up to 300 metres plus to berth alongside. The extensive quay lengths, expansive laydown area and deep water channel will also transform the functionality of the port, allowing the accommodation of upscaled decommissioning, renewables and cruise industry activity.


This site is allocated in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2017 as OP62 Aberdeen Harbour, for Harbour use. Construction began in May 2017 and the project is planned for phased completion in 2021. 

The new facilities will allow the port to grow its energy activities whilst attracting new, upscaled activities from the widest range of sectors.

Around South Harbour are existing business and industrial parks zoned B1 Business and Industrial in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2017. These opportunity sites are located adjacent to major existing infrastructure, including the Inverness-Edinburgh trainline and the southern junction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. The existing business and industrial parks have also been identified as an Energy transition Zone to support clean energy such as offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage


Aberdeen Harbour Board has invested approximately £330 million in the development and has also attracted support from Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Enterprise. The Aberdeen City Region Deal is delivering new transport infrastructure to improve connectivity from the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route via the Charleston Interchange on the A90.

Investor Support

Invest Aberdeen will work with Aberdeen Harbour Board, industry, and stakeholders to provide information on landside development opportunities during the construction and implementation phases.


Marine Enquities
E: info@aberdeen-harbour.co.uk

Invest Aberdeen
E: enquiries@investaberdeen.co.uk
T: +44 (0) 1224 522940 / @Invest_Aberdeen


Project Promoter: Aberdeen Harbour Board & Aberdeen City Council

Scale: Largest harbour by berthage in UK

Investment: £350 million

Jobs: Additional 7,000 indirect equivalent jobs by 2035, injecting an additional £0.9 billion GVA into the national economy.

Business: Onshore Business and Industrial Opportunities

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