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Key Sectors: Life sciences and biotech


AMICULUM® is an independent global healthcare communication, consulting and learning business with a team of over 250 healthcare communications professionals, based in New Zealand, China, Singapore, UAE, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. We partner with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in some of the most complex and exciting areas of medicine.

AMICULUM® comprises eight distinct agency businesses, each led by an experienced management team whose members are all actively involved in the delivery of services to clients. Our agencies offer services in medical communications, healthcare learning, clinical and commercial consultancy, market access, rare diseases, genomic medicine, creative design, digital engagement and advocacy. 

Every agency has a distinctive character and area of expertise, but share a single heritage and vision:

“To create a business environment in which talented individuals can deliver great work in collaboration with their colleagues and clients”

AMICULUM®’s offices in Dundee University’s incubator facility on the Dundee City Council Technopole opened for business in May 2018. With an established scientific community and university links, Dundee was an obvious location to establish AMICULUM’s first Scottish office. 

The city’s successful track record in biomedical science, creative design and digital technologies has presented many exciting opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Our close proximity to Dundee University – highly regarded as a global centre of biomedical research and teaching – has been a real advantage in further developing our partnership with the institution. 

Since its establishment, our Dundee office has continued to grow and now consists of team members from who specialize in medical writing, client services and creative design. It also remains our Scottish ‘hub’ for team members travelling from Edinburgh and Glasgow. As our team continues to grow, we look forward to creating a more established presence, and to actively contribute to the ongoing developments in the city and region.

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