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Outplay Entertainment is the UK’s largest independent mobile game company, but it’s not the size that matters, it’s the quality of the games. Founded in 2010, our talented and dynamic team have been pouring their passion and creativity into the development of our games. We care about our players, and that’s why our games have been downloaded over 100 million times.

Of all the places, in all of the world, Dundee is where we set our roots. We believe that it is the birthplace of dynamic and strategic video games, with great titles such as Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto calling this sunny city home. A Mecca for gaming enthusiasts, both the University of Abertay and Dundee University provide specialised gaming courses, and this attracts talent from all over the world… right to our doorstep.

The benefits of starting a company in Scotland were undeniable to our founders Douglas and Richard Hare. They had previously set up a successful gaming company in California, but decided to take their skills and knowledge to launch something new in their bonnie homeland. The Scottish Government were extremely helpful in supporting the company get off the ground. Scottish Enterprise put the Hare brothers in touch with potential investors, and granted us a Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant for setting up in Dundee.

Now Outplay has over 120 brilliant people working behind the scenes, it has experienced constant year-on-year growth, and is one of Scotland’s happiest places to work. Douglas Hare let us in on his little secret; “Not only did we invest in the launch of games, we invested in people.” Scotland is a beautifully multicultural society, and here at Outplay we have people from over 20 nations working together.

The Scottish Government has made tremendous efforts to ensure that all guests in this country feel welcomed, and understands that immigration is key to innovation. Scotland has a unique benefit in the UK for companies; skilled talent from across the EU can study for free at our Universities, and many choose to stay and contribute massively to our society.

Over the last decade, Dundee has benefited from substantial investment, both locally and nationally. Our tourism figures have increased, and our unemployment has decreased. With the construction of V&A Dundee, and many other projects nearing completion, the city’s Waterfront Regeneration is bearing fruit. Dundee is set to be at the cutting edge of modern creative industries, and Outplay is at the heart of it.

Although we aren’t just here for the work benefits. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we are only a short commute from breathtaking sights. Our team is constantly out exploring our wee bit hill and glen, whether white water rafting down the Tay or bagging a few Munros, there is nowhere we would rather be than here.


Douglas Hare
E: doug@outplay.com
W: www.outplay.com

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