Smart Infrastructure

Internet of Things

In Inverness, Phase 2 projects include a portfolio of Smart Infrastructure initiatives (dealing with issues such as air quality, buildings management control, smart lighting and water quality) and a Smart Mobility Variable Messaging System (VMS) project linking drivers with ferry service updates.

Having successfully deployed smart infrastructure into Waste collection operations through 8th City funding, Edinburgh will increase the scope and scale of sensor capability in Phase 2 by introducing smart infrastructure into other operations. This extends the range of council services integrating smart technologies and will explore the benefits of scaling up, bringing more efficient daily operations and greater real-time data. This will improve the management of key service areas of vehicle congestion, air quality and flooding.

Intelligent Street Lighting (ISL)

Intelligent Street lighting systems have been delivered in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Perth. These combine LED lamps with a Central Management System, supported by wireless communications networks. ISL infrastructure significantly reduces electricity consumption and wastage of energy (with efficiency savings of 70%), and creates connected networks – providing consumption data and opportunities for linked assets to support an Internet of Things (IoT) system. In taking forward Phase 2 ISL projects via 8th City funding, Glasgow and Inverness are looking at the connected assets aspect of ISL within a Smart Infrastructure context.Components fitted as part of the ISL projects leverage existing lighting infrastructure and are intended to future-proof and flexibly scale up to meet future requirements. For example, in addition to providing a foundation upon which Glasgow can deliver its smart city ambitions, the ISL project is also delivering electricity bill savings of around £200k per year, annual maintenance cost savings of £22k, and CO2 emission reduction estimated at 700T per year.

Water Management

This Glasgow project is pioneering a new digital surface water drainage system to create Europe’s first Smart Canal. Introduction of this new system – on a 250 year old canal – will unlock 110 hectares of land across North Glasgow for investment, regeneration and development, paving the way for over 3000 new homes. The project also delivers CO2 savings of 500T per year by reducing the amount of wastewater requiring to be pumped and treated.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab project was formally opened at the end of February 2020. The ERDF-supported Innovation Lab provides 150m² of creative/maker space nested within the newly developed Perth Creative Exchange and aims to make a positive economic, social and cultural impact across the Tay Cities Region. With ongoing revenue support from the Edrington Group the Innovation Lab was rebranded as the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre (FGIC). The FCIG aims to support exceptional business creation, development and growth. This will be achieved through an innovative suite of dedicated support programmes developed by creatives for creatives with an emphasis on innovation.

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