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In recent years Scotland’s cities have jointly developed an ambitious programme of data and digital technology projects via the ‘Scotland’s 8th City – the Smart City’ Programme.

The 8th City Programme seeks to enhance Smart City activity to accelerate and transform the delivery of city services and make Scotland’s cities more attractive, liveable and resilient.

Through the Scottish Cities Alliance, the total invested so far in this project is almost £50 million, including ERDF support of over £20 million and Cities Investment Fund of £500,000.

In developing projects across programme, partners are seeking to expand Smart City capabilities and deliver city priorities through improved community engagement, integration of service delivery and innovation.

The 8th City programme runs from 2015 to 2022 and involves all seven Scottish cities (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling) working on an ambitious programme of data and digital technology projects.

The graphic below shows which cities are delivering projects across these domains:

Glasgow City Council is acting as the Lead Partner for the Programme. The 8th City Programme Management Office is based within the Council and can be contacted at

Please note that the Programme Management Office (PMO) isn’t involved in day-to-day project delivery and has no responsibility for the procurement of the Smart City solutions that are being deployed as part of these projects.


With cities generating an ever-increasing quantity of data, making full use of this data is a key component of making cities more resilient and liveable. In particular, the publication of open data, data that is freely usable for any purpose, has the opportunity to generate new services and opportunities. As such, at the heart of the 8th City Programme sits the Data Cluster Working Group – with representation from the seven Scottish cities, the Scottish Cities Alliance, and the Scottish Government. The Cluster works to promote the publication of open data in the cities to increase transparency and drive innovation, while also improving how we manage and make use of data more generally.

The Cluster’s work covers four key themes: 

  • Data Standards 
  • Data Publication and Discoverability 
  • Data Skills 
  • Data Community and Capacity Building 

Over 160 datasets linked with the 8th City Programme have already been opened up for innovative use, with many more on the way. In addition, the project’s associated with the Cluster are starting to deliver real outcomes for citizens and realise efficiency savings for cities.

More information on the cities’ open data platforms can be found at the following links:

To learn more about research undertaken by the Alliance’s data cluster to understand the wider demand for open data in Scotland click here.

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