Smart Services

Public Safety

Public Safety projects in Dundee and Perth as part of Phase 1, will form the backbone of a wider approach to public safety across Tayside. The 8th City programme has supported the installation of fibre links between Dundee and Perth as well as the introduction of upgraded facilities and enhanced public safety services in both cities. The Dundee Safety and Alarm Response Centre (SARC) is now live and work continues on implementation of a fully integrated network linking the three Tayside councils (including Angus). Both projects are scheduled to run until December 2020.

In Phase 2 Edinburgh is developing an integrated City Operations capability to improve the city’s responses to events and incidents, based on real time data flows in the city. This project will build an open, flexible platform and visual sensor infrastructure which allows software and hardware integration of key city control functions.

This includes an advanced Video Management System (VMS), modern networking mesh for data transmission across the city and high-resolution IP cameras as visual sensors to create a state-of-the-art Video Surveillance System. This will increase the volume of data captured, number of variables measured by the sensors and increase the number of datasets analysed.

Linked to its Public Safety project, Edinburgh will also deliver a foundational platform and a network of bin and property environment sensors, which will drive better insight and enable proactive action in delivering services to citizens. This brings together and relates to several ERDF Operations as part of the 8th City Programme: Smart Services – Waste, Smart Infrastructure – Innovation Labs and Smart Infrastructure – Smart Communities.


This project was delivered by Stirling and is now running as business as usual. Core activity included the installation of a bespoke command centre, dashboards and alerts –involving the centralisation of over 1,500 data streams, 100+ Sensors and 7 data sources across 35 council-owned public buildings in Stirling. These dashboards make it possible to track and monitor things such as energy demand, carbon emissions and renewables performance, amongst other key indicators.

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