Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility projects are being delivered across the cities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and Stirling.

Dundee is exploring new opportunities for increased use of shared vehicles and low carbon travel options. The Dundee ShareMORE project uses digital technology and data to create new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business models. MaaS encourages the sharing of mobility assets, such as cars, bikes and public transport operations in both a community and corporate fleet setting.

Dundee’s use of a ‘Living Laboratory’ process has informed the procurement of innovative companies with service designs ready to test in a live environment, as well as the deployment of technology for city parking infrastructure and data to support MaaS sharing operations. The Dundee MILL (Mobility Innovation Living Lab) is at the very heart of this approach – see

Dundee is delivering ‘ShareMORE’ Smart Mobility projects (some on the basis of pilots and trials) related to smart parking, shared fleet services, and advanced mobility services for the general public. 

Inverness is also investing in a range of urban mobility projects, with the aim of improving transport links, as well as making improvements to the infrastructure within the city itself, in order to help make the Highlands a region where citizens can utilise a number of transport modes to travel throughout the region easily and efficiently. This is underpinned by a scalable and flexible wireless mesh infrastructure that will form the backbone for future digital city services – in particular for Intelligent Transport Services solutions, as well as providing a platform for further Smart Cities projects. 

The Stirling Movement Information Platform was completed at the end of 2018, enhancing the city’s journey-time monitoring system and expansion of cyclist monitoring with the addition of pedestrian counters. The network provides valuable information to city planners and partners seeking to monitor traffic and travel activity.A number of cities are also delivering Smart Mobility projects for Phase 2. These include EV charging infrastructure in Glasgow, a Road Network Variable Messaging project in Inverness, and a project linked to Low Emissions Zone in Dundee. Edinburgh is also seeking to deliver a Smart Mobility project in Phase 2 of the 8th City programme. This will investigate how a Wayfinding Programme can bring together the Council, transport providers, developers and other stakeholders to deliver new digital way-finding technologies to promote behaviour change and active travel.

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