Inverness: Smart Waste Collection

December 11, 2020

Project Overview 

As part of a Smart Waste project, route optimisation software is being used by The Highland Council to support an intelligent, data-driven approach to waste collection. 

Why is it needed? 

Cities, including Inverness, have consistently identified waste services as an area of high (and increasing) cost, requiring significant deployment of staff and resources, and with high levels of interest and scrutiny on behalf of communities, politicians, and, where services are seen to be failing, of press and media. 

Impact and Benefits. 

Using round management software with consistent, accurate datasets allows for more efficient routing of waste collection vehicles – bringing with it reductions in operation costs and the potential for redeployment of valuable resources by decreasing miles travelled, maximising stops and lifts per hour, balancing workloads across the week, and reducing the requirement for overtime. 

Real-time statistics and custom reporting also gives the opportunity for The Highland Council to continually improve the performance of rounds, further reducing costs and providing a better service to citizens through gradual, data and experience-led improvements. 

More information: Brian Robertson, Smart Cities Coordinator, The Highland Council –