Meet the team

Iain McCreaddie

Programme Director

Iain is a qualified solicitor with a post graduate qualification in Housing Services. He has worked in a range of roles across the private and public sector in Scotland.

Iain was previously Policy Manager with the Scottish Cities Alliance, overseeing the Alliance’s research activity and the policy alignment of its Operational Programme, identifying opportunities for collaboration, and leading on the implementation of the Alliance’s European Action Plan.

As Programme Director, Iain’s focus is to raise the profile of the Scottish Cities Alliance and facilitate and support SCA partners to achieve their ambitions for economic growth through the delivery of the Alliance’s Operational Plan.

+44 (0) 141 222 9745

Nicola McPhee

Programme Manager

Nicola is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Strategic Intervention entitled ‘Scotland’s 8th City – the Smart City’.

Prior to working on this Smart Cities programme, Nicola had 17 years of experience as a manager within the public sector.

Key areas of responsibility included project development and management of a range of specialist services within the Community Justice field, partnership working across the public and third sector, financial management and co-ordination of a range of European and nationally funded projects, establishing performance and governance frameworks and management of communications and marketing.

+44 (0) 141 287 9160

Isabel Brennan

Admin & Finance Officer

Isabel is the Scottish Cities Alliance’s Administrator, managing the day-to-day operations, running the office and providing essential support to the rest of the team. She liaises with the seven Scottish cities to distribute and monitor the Cities Investment Fund. Prior to joining the Alliance, Isabel was Service Delivery Manager with Glasgow City Council, where she was employed for 33 years, and held a variety of roles.

+44 (0) 141 222 9737

Lauren Pascu

Inward Investment Lead

Lauren is responsible for the Investment Promotion workstream which helps cities to promote their multi-million-pound investment opportunities to a targeted investor audience via a single Investment Prospectus. Lauren works closely with partners in Scotland’s seven cities and develops relationships with key stakeholders and investors to attract new investment into the propositions contained in the Alliance’s Investment Prospectus.

Lauren graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MRes in International Relations.  Prior to joining Scottish Cities Alliance, Lauren worked in a variety of roles in the public and private sectors in Scotland, most recently within the business tourism sector to attract international conferences allied to Scotland’s key sectoral strengths to its cities.

+44 (0) 7917 924106

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