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Perth West

Perth Food & Drink Park

Why invest in Perth:

Castle Water

James Hutton Institute

Leader of Perth & Kinross Council – Councillor Murray Lyle

“Perth continues to grow as a city and the demand for development land is expanding with it, in both the residential and industrial/business sectors. Embedded in our Tay Cities regional economic strategy, the possibilities that present themselves at Perth Eco Innovation Park, have been unlocked through our investment in phase 1 of the Perth Transport Futures Project, which significantly improves road infrastructure in the area. The business park is at the heart of the Scottish road network making it ideal for smart logistics development coupled with investment in clean energy and innovation technologies for urban living, at a time when the city is very much ‘open for business’ and focused on moving forward into the future.”

PERTH | Innovative, Sustainable, Connected

Focused on delivering economic resilience and long-term growth through innovation and sustainability, Perth’s bold agenda for the future has started now with a £300 million City Deal that will leverage ongoing investment and exciting, long-term development potential.

As an area, Perth has grown by 12% in the past ten years, generating £4billion GVA in 2019 with productivity of £58,700 – 17% higher than the Scottish average.

Now, with the demands of 21st century life impacting how we work, live, and do business, Perth’s ability to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing global marketplace, has secured its reputation as an innovative business destination on the world stage.

As a progressive city, Perth aims to effect long-term, meaningful change that will give rise to inclusive, sustainable, economic growth and positive human capital.

With an emphasis on energy and mobility SMART solutions, and on developing human capital and new-age skills through strong alliances with industry and education at all levels, support for serious business growth has never been stronger.

Boasting a reputation for excellence in renewable energies, local energy systems, low carbon transport and waste management Perth has officially announced its ambition to become one of Europe’s most sustainable cities.

Over 150 enterprises in this sector are located in our area including Aviva, James Hutton Institute, the McDermott Group and the headquarters of FTSE 100 companies, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Stagecoach. By prioritising the growth and development of these world-class companies, alongside forward-thinking projects such as Perth-SEN (Smart Energy Network), Perth West, Binn Eco Park and the Electric A9, Perth is well-placed to lead the renewable sector into the future.

Why Choose Perth?

  • A focus on attracting inward investment that drives innovation and sustainability.
  • Exceptional land and commercial property opportunities at highly competitive rates.
  • An unrivalled location with superior physical infrastructure and digital connectivity.
  • An exemplary private-public partnership with multi-level buy-in across key sectors and significant financial investment in transformational projects.
  • Entrepreneurial support focused on enterprise, prosperity and nurturing human capital.
  • Strong links with Perth College UHI, Abertay University and University of Dundee as well as the development of skills academies in industry.

How we work, live, and do business is evolving and Perth’s ability to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing global marketplace, has secured its reputation as an innovative business destination on the world stage. If you are seeking an ambitious, vibrant city in which to build your start-up or better place your national and international headquarters, contact the Invest in Perth team.

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