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Leader of Dundee City Council – Councillor John Alexander

Dundee’s story is one of the underdog; a City that has in more ways than one, become the Eden of Scotland. 

It’s a City which, over the last 20 years, has achieved a reputation for delivering, of innovating and of leading from the front through City-wide transformation, including the £1billion Waterfront Regeneration. 

The physical transformation of the City, which includes the delivery of the only V&A Museum outside of London, a new railway station, hotels and office developments are matched by a cultural and social revolution. 

Dundee’s award-winning transformation is helping to forge new opportunities. We are the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design and that focus on innovation and design has ensured that we can claim credit for advances in key-hole surgery, utilising AI for drug discovery and the creation of Grand Theft Auto amongst our many gifts to the world.  

With access to 90% of the Scottish population within a 90 minutes travel distance, our geographic location is both stunningly beautiful and ensures that we are well placed to help deliver national infrastructure and development that benefits the whole nation.  Indeed, writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry once said: “As a setting Dundee is as about as ideal – ludicrously ideal – as any setting could be.” It is one of the reasons that our £300 million Tay Cities Deal programme will provide a breeding ground for wider Scottish investment opportunities.  

As a centre of academic excellence, the City of Dundee is also blessed with a number of globally renowned Universities and research centres within a 25 minute radius. These include the Universities of Dundee and Abertay, as well as the University of St Andrews and the James Hutton Institute.  

Our City inhabits a fertile innovation region. 

We are working with academia to deliver Dundee’s Life Sciences Innovation District, with global businesses to advance the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, with Government to deliver a UK Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and working with internationally recognised organisations to deliver new environmental, educational and cultural projects such as Eden Dundee. 

Truth be told, we are a City that has a hunger to achieve and to deliver and it is this attitude and approach which is leading to the huge investment opportunities now on our doorstep. Dundee was named in the top 20 Cities for inward investment in the UK in 2022 (EY’s 2022 Scotland Attractiveness Report).

In the words of  Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri, world renowned trailblazer in keyhole surgery development: “The main advantage of Dundee is that it has no pretention at all. If the idea is good, Dundee is open and you will find support. And you don’t have to fight the establishment. That’s the secret of Dundee…” 

Come and be part of our journey of transformation, our journey of discovery. You won’t regret it.” 

Dundee is a vibrant and exciting place that has great ambitions for the future. The birthplace of Grand Theft Auto, Dennis the Menace and keyhole surgery. Dundee has always been the starting point for those bold enough to look outwards and seek what’s hidden from view. Today, it is a place to discover unrealised potential in:

  • Life sciences
  • Creative economy – computing, gaming, technology and design
  • Sustainability and renewable energy

Dundee has transformed itself into a growing city on a journey of major economic, social and cultural development. Including its world renowned £1bn Waterfront development with V&A Dundee at its heart. Dundee’s bold and creative ambition has led to further opportunities such as the £700 million Tay Cities Deal, the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, a proposed Life Sciences Innovation District and the Eden Project. As a result, Dundee has been named as one of the world’s top “places of the future”.

For innovators who want to discover new life-saving drugs and treatments, have first sighting of emergent technology, and lead the way towards a just transition – Dundee offers easy access to skills and expertise, established partnerships in Scotland and beyond, untapped resources, and a unique capacity for growth.

The city has a stunning location on the banks of the River Tay, situated on the east coast of Scotland. It is a city with a vibrant arts scene, five star visitor attractions, an abundance of green space, easy access to premier ski locations and 60 golf courses within a 30 minute drive.  Whether you’re looking for a quiet seaside suburb to settle down or a city-centre home with every convenience at your doorstep, Scotland’s sunniest city has it all.

Whatever your starting point, whether a game-changing start-up idea; rapidly growing SME; corporate giant or institutional investor – Dundee holds the opportunities to deliver growth.

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