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Size (Metro)
16.1 km²
Population (Metro)

Opportunities in Stirling:

Callander Development

Kildean Business Park


Why invest in Stirling:


Leader of Stirling Council – Councillor Scott Farmer

“Stirling is delivering real change with our City Region Deal, which gives us a platform of £205m from the Scottish and UK Governments and our partners. The deal includes delivery of an Aquaculture centre through the University of Stirling, bringing jobs, investment and innovation to the area. Support for our Digital District will also be bolstered, while one of our core strengths – culture and tourism – will receive a massive backing by this investment.

We aim to build these projects to delivery phase and complete the task we set ourselves – to make Stirling a centre of business and innovation excellence and an economic and cultural powerhouse.”

Situated directly in the centre of the UK’s top performing region for Foreign Direct Investment outside of London, Stirling delivers unrivalled global connectivity at a highly competitive cost. With direct access to international markets, it is a place for growth, through a culture of world class innovation in aquaculture, digital technology, sport, dementia technology and

creative industries, inspired by our pioneering companies, progressive University and talented workforce.

Set in a unique historic environment at the heart of Scotland, Stirling offers an exceptional quality of life in Scotland’s most affordable city (Lloyds, 2017). All of these factors make Stirling a highly attractive location for

international investment into Scotland and the UK and our area offers a wide variety of investment and development opportunities. If you are looking to invest in one of Scotland’s fastest growing cities then contact the Invest in Stirling team to find out more about how we can support your business to establish, relocate or expand within the Stirling area.

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