Dundee: Open Data – Dundee Places

December 11, 2020

Project Overview 

Open Data created by Creative Dundee, with help from Dundee City Council (DCC), and which crosses several of the four work packages of the 8th City Data Cluster, including: 

Work Package 3: Data Analytics. 

Deliverable 1 – Development of temporal, spatial and predictive models across the themes of social outcomes, environmental outcomes, economic and efficiency outcomes. 

Deliverable 3 – Development of a common toolkit. 


Work Package 4: Community and Capacity Building 

Deliverable 4.1 – Crowd sourced data methodology. 

Deliverable 4.2 – Co-produced open data methodology. 

DCC was able to support the process by providing Ordnance Survey OpenMaps, enhancing the collated results and adding them to OpenStreetMap. Training in ArcGIS Online was provided. Training was also provided for publishing data to the Dundee open data platform. 

A survey was also created in ArcMap Survey123, which asked the same question. Training was given to Creative Dundee officers on how to use Survey123. 

Mentoring was provided throughout the process. More information about the methodology used can be found on the Creative Dundee website. 

Why is it needed? 

Creative Dundee in collaboration with Dundee Place Partnership wanted to find out more about cultural opportunities across Dundee and how people engage with these opportunities, if at all. To gain the best insight, they wanted to survey the public but lacked the tools and knowledge to ensure that survey results could be published under an open license to the Dundee City open data platform. 

Impact and Benefits 

Results have been published to the Dundee open data portal and are available in CSV format – (https://data.dundeecity.gov.uk/dataset/places-database. The results of this research will allow Creative Dundee to target future activities. Data is also available in an open format under a CC license so others interested can use the data. The map visualization of data is embedded in the open data portal from ArcGIS Online using an iframe. This allows the public to interact with the data without needing to own the proprietary software ArcGIS Online which is licensed and costs to use. 

Respondant locations were also heat mapped in ArcGIS by Creative Dundee. The analysis was assisted by DCC and demonstrates current trends in Dundee. 

All the results of the survey can be seen on OpenStreetMap, which is an open source database, providing another avenue for people to access and reuse the data. 

Tools used (e.g. OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS Online, Google Sheets, Survey123), will go towards a common toolkit shared by the seven cities of the open data cluster, providing useful data analysis techniques and visualisation tools. 

The methodology and lessons learned have been fed back to the 8th City Data Cluster and will go towards a description of a methodology for co-production of open data. 

Links to the project include: 

Creative Dundee’s launch of the project: 

Creative Dundee’s conclusion and analysis of the project: 

Photos of the events Creative Dundee attended can be seen on Flickr: 

For more information contact Alan Dobson, Business Development Officer, Dundee City Council – alan.dobson@dundeecity.gov.uk.